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Hi, I’m Katie. Christian writer girl, living in pretty much the center of the Buckeye State. (Ohio, if you didn’t catch that) This blog started from an unquenchable desire/urge to write. Trust me, I dislike being vulnerable and sharing the messy parts of my story. I resisted-well, tried to-and yet, here we are! Messy, random, sometimes deep thought, little bit of humor, and a whole lot of insight into an introvert’s brain.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Katie. The typical introvert stereotype–loves to be alone, stay home, and doesn’t stray from her comfort zone. I think about alot of things, and I’ve discovered some important things. Soup is overrated–give me something to chew or crunch on, PUH-LEASE! Socks and shoes are a necessary evil. I wear them because it’s needed, BUT, they better be for comfort and not entirely for show! Kids capture my heart quickly. Read more

Let’s talk! (although, let’s not, because I’m probably content on the sidelines, just observing)